Sunday, December 20, 2009

Two fav chapters

All of the readings helped me in this class and with assignments, and it is hard to pick two favorite chapters. However if pressed, Chapter 9 in Odin, was extremely helpful in aiding me to understand the automation needs of the school library. I have never worked in a school library, and as a substitute teacher haven't spent alot of time there. This chapter helped me to understand exactly what goes on in the library with regards to the administration of technology in a library setting. I know have a better grasp of automation systems including those used for cataloging needs and circulation. This chapter gave a good general overview of the planning, acquisition, and funding processes.

Shelly's Chapter 6 also provided some important information in regards to integrating technology in the curriculum. Technology can only work as a learning tool if it is implemented properly and supports curriculum standards. Shelly provided good ideas for training and implementation and how to go about integrating a technology rich learning environment that provides outcomes to be proud of.

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