Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week 3 #7:Technology

I feel very lucky to live in an age where technology is everywhere and more new innovations are created each day. In "Integrating Technology and Digital Media in the classroom," the authors point out that "Not only does the internet provide access to extensive text and multimedia resources, it allows teachers and students to communicate with other teachers and students all over the world" (95). The amount of use the Internet can provide is unbelievable. Though I was unable to attend the Tapped In session the other day, I have attended a few in the past and have found that it is an amazing resource tool for teachers and librarians. Being able to chat in real time with others in the profession is something that can enhance our collaboration efforts and gives us tools to take back to our own classrooms.I am also a fan of sites such as google earth and a very cool site called google lit trips, which ties in literature to places using a mashup with google maps. Again, how lucky we are to have all of these tools at our fingertips!

Shelly, G., et al. (2009). Integrating technology and digital media in the classroom (5th ed). Boston: Thomson Course Technology, 2008.

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Martha Nelson said...

I was just talking to a coworker about Google lit trips. I wrote it down with the intention of adding it to my bag of work tricks. Thanks for the reminder!