Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week 1: Habits of Life-Long Learners

I feel like I am a life-long learner and very much enjoy adding any knowledge I can to my brainfiles.  We all demonstrate life-long learning habits certainly by being enrolled in college courses, but I also try to gain knowledge by reading and  simply observing and socializing in the world around me.

Easiest Habit: My easiest habit is that I do view problems as challenges.  I think that life is a learning experience itself and that any problem we face is simply a challenge that we should learn from.  I actually have a quote from Helen Keller posted at my desk..."The best way out is through."  This is so true, there is no need to try to skirt around a problem because it will just continue to resurface.  You might as well face it head on the first time you see it and save some time and frustration.  This has not always been my mantra, my own challenges have made me realize this and that's why I find it the easiest habit for me.

Hardest Habit: The hardest problem for me is to view myself as a confident, effective learner.  It seems that I have been in school forever and I earned my Bachelors degree late in life.  Going back to school as a thirty-something year old amidst 18-year-olds fresh out of high school definitely caused anxiety for me.  These kids had fast working brains, while I seemed to take a little longer to process things (especially abstract ideas when I was thinking about practical issues like what to pack my son for lunch the next day :-).  That experience caused me to doubt myself often but as I have moved into Graduate school I feel that this habit is slowly working its way to the forefront as I develop more confidence with each class I take.

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